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Lakou Projects: Education & Literacy

Ten Global Lakou Literacy ProjectsT.E.N Global is committed to co-creating academic and social emotional literacy in the Haitian community both at home and abroad. In order to support the flourishing of the Haitian community, T.E.N. Global partners with education and mental health experts work together to develop and create the Lakou Projects.

Jeni Awareness of Self Development & Empowerment Lakou Groups

Our second major initiative is Jeni Awareness for Self Development and Empowerment Lakou which has three central support groups. The concept of Jeni within the Haitian community is the recognition of the intrinsic spiritual gifts that people are blessed with at birth. At T.E.N. Global we believe that everyone is born for a purpose and some may need a committed support network to be able to develop, sustain and use these gifts to rebuild and sustain a healthy and productive life.

The Gifted Lakou was created in response to the growing needs of adults who are labeled and live with physical, emotional, and spiritual differences that the larger communities do not understand or cannot support in an effective way. The Gifted Lakou welcomes adults who are experiencing their own metamorphosis embracing their strength, examining their weaknesses, and identifying their gifts for their own personal awakening and liberation.

The LightSeekers is a spiritual group that provides education for the preservation and integration of Haitian indigenous and mystical knowledge. The Lightseekers are inclusive of all belief systems and examines the common threads among religious traditions that we share for seeking knowledge to improve our well-being and providing a healing and spiritual place of renewal, perseverance and courage.

Enhance provides coaching and mentorship support to parents and students with disabilities. We are particularly interested in high academic achievers that may have some mental, cognitive or physical disabilities such as Bipolar Disorder, Asperger’s/Autism Spectrum, or Sickle Cell. The program provides individual and group support through the college experience.

Sosyete Nago Summer Camp

A summer youth socio-cultural and academic program, Sosyete Nago Summer Camp serves an indigenous spiritual cooperative community in Jacmel, Haiti. The summer camp typically takes place in July and its focus is to supplement literacy skill development, learning appropriate psycho-social responses to poverty and trauma, and promoting Haitian indigenous culture and epistemology.

The Gifted Lakou

The Gifted Lakou is a think tank and support group of adults who are interested in creating pathways to self-healing. This group allows participants to utilize their various spiritual and intellectual gifts to support each other and manifest their optimum life.

The Literacy Initiative For Empowerment (L.I.F.E.)

The Literacy Initiative For Empowerment (L.I.F.E.) Institute’s vision is to fill the gap in programs and services that are not available for the Haitian youth in South Florida, while also incorporating academic, cultural, and psycho-social skills for the leaders of tomorrow. These important skills include global awareness, self-awareness, health literacy, environmental literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving, interpersonal communication, leadership, flexibility, adaptability, and self-direction. The unique strategy of teaching literacy and cultural awareness and pride through the arts is the foundation of L.I.F.E.

TEN Global Teach with Students


The Haitian Mental Think Tank

Haitian Mental Think Tank LogoThe Haitian Mental Health Think Tank was created to address Haitian mental wellness during the COVID 19 pandemic and thereafter. The Haitian Mental Health Think Tank is comprised of Haitian American mental health professionals including school, counseling, and clinical psychologists, marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors, social workers, school counselors, behavioral analysts, and conflict resolution experts. The focus of the Think Tank is to explore, question and re-imagine culturally relevant narratives of the Haitian and Haitian American psyche, as it is informed by mainland Haitian and first and second generation Haitian American’s lived experiences, and by interfaith/nonfaith, and various economic perspectives. The Think Tank’s goal is to construct a praxis of clinical work, resulting in the development of customized, innovative best care practices.

The Black Androgynous Genius Project

The Black Androgynous Genius Project (BAGP) is a coalition of Black queer and straight allies supporting the development and resilience of Black queer young adults. The BAGP will operate as an educational taskforce that is committed to the empowerment and safety of Black queer and transgender young adults. The BAGP will address the needs of Black queer young adults by drawing attention to the social and institutional barriers that Black queer young adults face; advocating for their social, educational, and psychological needs and potential; facilitating engaging and inclusive educational young adult workshops; providing training for families, educators, community members, and system partners to better understand the needs of Black queer young adults; and co-create a supportive network for Black queer young adults.