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Discover the groundbreaking new book, Education and Restoration of Pan African Haitian Youth: A Guide to Building Diasporic Literacy Programs, now available in both English and Creole. Drawing from extensive research conducted at Harvard University and a comprehensive 7-year cultural enrichment psycho-educational project, this book sheds light on the compelling reasons for establishing a Haitian-based program rooted in Vodou principles. It delves into the program’s innovative development, designed to foster self-exploration, uphold rigorous educational standards, and incorporate art and mental wellness for young individuals whose history is often overlooked in conventional school curricula. Serving as an invaluable guide and model for the creation of liberating education for all children, the book provides tangible examples of the curriculum and embedded research findings. Endorsed by luminaries such as Edwidge Danticat, who wrote the foreword, Dr. Wade Nobles, one of the founders of the Association of Black Psychologists, Elder Bayyinah Bello, an esteemed authority on Haitian and Pan-African education, and Dr. Claudine Michel, Executive Director of the Haitian Studies Academic Association, this book is priced at just $30, with all proceeds contributing to the summer programs run by T.E.N., Global. Dive into a transformative journey of education and restoration today!

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